Our knowledgeable team paired with our vast array of amenities offer visitors a seamless and convenient experience in the implementation of a variety of functions. The facilities and their amenities provide a comfortable setting for learning, social interaction, and the showcasing of products and entertainment all in one convenient location.



An extensive electrical system and strategically placed outlets are available to easily power your event. This electrical system includes 20 AMP, 30 AMP, 40/50/100/ AMP, and 600 AMP service. Outlets are conveniently positioned along the walls and throughout the exhibit hall via floor boxes. In addition, limited electrical access is available throughout the grounds. Complete our Utilities Order Form here.


We work directly with trusted security contractors to meet the needs of your event. They will provide the presence necessary at your event, while remaining subtle enough as to not intimidate your guests.


Award-winning cuisine flexible enough to serve events of any size is exactly what you can expect from Hilton Catering. Whether you’re looking for small, easy to deliver lunch options, hors d’oeuvres for an evening gathering, or a complete seated dinner for a large corporate function or wedding, the Hilton Catering team has the capability to deliver a dining experience each of your guests will remember. Learn more about our catering services here.

To learn more about all of our on-site and contracted services, contact us today, or call us at 252.321.7671