Located about an hour and a half from Raleigh and an hour and a half from the Ocean, Greenville, NC is the fastest growing city in eastern North Carolina and one of the fastest growing cities in the entire state. Home to East Carolina University, it has become a hub of young talent along the east coast. What just a few years ago was rural farm land has quickly developed into a vibrant community for both local businesses and larger corporations. However, in the midst of the rapid progress, Greenville has still managed to maintain the quaint charm of a small town.

An epicenter for activity in the east, Greenville is just a short drive from a broad range of exciting activities and relaxing environments. Greenville itself isn’t short on fun, however. An energetic nightlife, family fun day-time activities, and a wide variety of shops and restaurants punctuate the flavor of this growing city.





Greenville-Pitt County is centrally situated to serve the largest concentration of population and industry in eastern North Carolina (more than 812,000 people within 45 miles).

Greenville (35 square miles) and Pitt County (656.52 square miles) are located in the north central coastal plains region of Eastern North Carolina, 85 miles east of Raleigh, 87 miles west of the Atlantic Ocean, 157 miles from Richmond VA, and 265 miles south of Washington DC.

Pitt County covers 656.52 square miles of prime agricultural land in Eastern North Carolina. The county’s highest point is 126.4 feet above sea level, in the northwest part of the county.

The Census Bureau’s July 1, 2014 population estimate for Greenville is 89,542.