Going Green

In today’s environmentally conscientious world, we understand how important it is to provide environmentally-friendly facilities. We are committed to having one of the most environmentally efficient Convention Centers in the nation. Our recent LEED Silver Certification is a demonstration of that commitment. It shows that from the use of safe cleaning products to optimized HVAC systems to water-use reduction tools, we understand how going green is critical to being a responsible member of our community and the planet.

What Makes us LEED Certified


Erosion and sedimentation control to minimize silt and sediment entering storm drains and impacting our main waterway, the Tar River

Easy access to public transportation reduces environmental impact from individual motorists

Renovations took place on current property to reduce our footprint and impact on area residential and farming communities


Water Efficiency

Water consumption was reduced by 20% for the entire facility

Trees, shrubs and grasses were designed to be drought resistant and don’t require an irrigation or watering system


Energy & Atmosphere

High efficiency heating and cooling units are separated into zones so that only the part of the occupied part of the building is heated or cooled

Lighting Systems are all LED, low energy use fixtures


Materials & Resources

During construction efforts were made to recycle as much material as possible both for reuse in the building and recycling


Indoor Environmental Quality

Materials, adhesives and sealants used during construction have little to no impact on toxic particles in the facility

all return ductwork is filtered during construction to minimize pollution within the new system by construction related debris and dust

All lighting systems contained controllability reducing unnecessary usage